000 fundraising goal for its Campaign for Disaster Relief.

To October 2008 Invites America To Join ‘National Day of Giving ’13 December – the Red Cross 13th achieve achieve ‘National Day of Giving for the American Red Cross ‘as part of its efforts to the $ 100,000 fundraising goal for its Campaign for Disaster Relief, which started the organization in September. ‘.

They stand for donations on the spot. What you can with your neighbors. – Join the Red Cross donation by clicking or call 1-800-REDCROSS . Like the Hurricanes of 2008, by making a financial gift to honor the American Red Cross disaster Relief Fund, which enables the Red Cross shelter, food, counseling and other assistance to provide the victims of the disaster. The American Red Cross donor intent. When you will designate your donation to a specific please do so please do so at the time of donation. 1-800-REDCROSS Call or 1-800-257-7575 . Contributions to the disaster Relief Fund can to your local American Red Cross chapter or to the American Red cross, PO Box 37243, Washington, sent the 20013th..Thomas Bauer, head the thorax surgery at the Helen F. Graham cancer Center, Christiana Care Health System in Delaware the Phase is the monitoring of the Phase II study. He led plurality pulmonary and esophagus cancer research and heads up Christiana participate in the International participation to Early lung Cancer ActionScript programming . On. Biomoda.. Of Biomoda diagnosis, trademarks based under the name CyPat, on patented porphyrins – based compound that based of cancer cells and fluoresces red under ultraviolet light binding Among. The guidance of Atemtherapeutin offering study participants to low -lung sputum sample which is screened off on cancerous cells with both the CyPat An assay and traditional Pap stain.