4 October received received Mylan Pharmaceuticals.

4 October received received Mylan Pharmaceuticals, a subsidiary of Mylan Inc., a generic pharmaceutical company, final approval from the FDA for its Abbreviated New Drug Application, or ANDA for Montelukast Sodium tablets.

Older, receives ANDA for generic asthma drug FDA approvalMylan received final FDA approval for its ANDA for montelukast sodium chewable tablets, 4 mg and 5 mg, the generic version of Singulair Chewable Tablets Merck.These products are indicated for the prophylaxis and chronic treatment of asthma in patients aged two years and older, for the prevention of exercise bronchoconstriction in patients 15 or older, and ages for the relief of symptoms of seasonal and perennial allergic rhinitis in patients two years and older.A CE mark is recognition the quality certification requirement through the Member the European Union responsible for sales in these countries. The company also has ISO 13485 certification, so is get medical devices and services who have consistently the customer requirements and features legislative requirements proving.

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