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With contribution to the common cause of cancer, we see the advancement and implementation of its program Development of cancer innovations – DCI . I think our program will encounter an unprecedented collaboration of open public institutions and personal businesses in the withdrawal of Russian health care system to a new level , – said the head of Cancers directions Bayer Schering Pharma Ol’ga Glazkova. In her watch, the cancer region is situated at the peak of innovation. A number of medicines are developed for the very best focus on therapy.After three months, treated animals normally were walking. In a postmortem analysis, the researchers found that the regenerated meniscus in the treatment group acquired structural and mechanical properties nearly the same as those of natural meniscus. They are now conducting research to determine if the regenerated cells is long-lasting. We envision that personalized meniscus scaffolds, from preliminary MRI to 3D printing, could possibly be completed within times, said Dr.