A new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention research published on Nov.

The three main items is first don’t give cough and frosty medications to children less than four years old, keep medicines up and out of sight and lock the caps on medication bottles properly, Hampton said.. CDC: Cough, cold med warnings reduced children’ ER trips Emphasis on warning parents about the dangers of over-the-counter cough and cold medicines may have led to fewer emergency room visits for kids. A new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention research published on Nov. 11 in Pediatrics showed that fewer kids went to the ER after manufactures added caution labels to the medication bottles. Medication producers voluntarily recalled some cough and cold medications in October 2007 after increases in reviews of emergency section appointments and deaths among small children.Blood samples from the trapped pets will be delivered to LA County Public Wellness Laboratory for testing to determine exposure to the plague bacterias, Yersinia pestis. However, the woman’s illness is usually no indication that circumstances this season pose any greater risk of humans contracting the disease. Health officials urge residents to trim ivy, surface cover and other weighty vegetation that may harbor rats, and offer cover for ground squirrels. ‘Owners should make an extra effort to keep their domestic animals free of fleas and prevent leaving out pet food where it can attract wildlife.’.

Bioethical professionalism and problems analyzed all the way through two medical dramas New study models the stage for debate more than the use of well-known programs to prompt classroom discussions among medical and nursing studentsA medical college student and faculty directors from the Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics analyzed depictions of bioethical problems and professionalism more than a complete season of two well-known medical dramas- Grey’s Anatomy and Home, M.D.