A new study may provide clues as to the reasons.

Child abuse causes mind changes: Report Victims of kid abuse sometimes experience behavioral problems for the rest of their lives. A new study may provide clues as to the reasons. PICTURES: Teen substance abuse: 14 mistakes parents make The study revealed child abuse changes kids’ brains in ways that are often observed in soldiers who’ve been exposed to combat http://www.levitra-danmark.net/vardenafil-hvad-er-det.html . This analysis. Provides our first clues as to how areas in the child’s brain might adapt to early experiences of abuse, study writer Dr.

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Other kids become bullies and have problems handling their anger and additional strong emotions. Many have trouble or nightmares sleeping. Relationship troubles. Those who are abused possess trouble developing and maintaining relationships usually. They are often struggling to like or trust others, especially adults, whom they can be fearful of. A telling sign that something’s not right is whenever a child does not seek ease and comfort from a mother or father or other caregiver who is an abuser. Acting out or participating in risky behavior. Kids who are being abused sometimes act out in class and are disruptive. They may weary in activities they once cherished or lose focus on their schoolwork — and their grades suffer.