A split neck or no neck at all.

The research team then evaluated the drawings and found various differences between the groups in four aspects: – The Neck: Women suffering from anorexia or bulimia tend draw a larger neck, a split neck or no neck at all, – the mouth: This feature was more in drawings by women suffering from anorexia or bulimia highlighted;.

The study, conducted by Prof. Lev – Wiesel alongside Dr. Jonathan Guez, Shimrit Valetsky, Diego Kruszewski Sztul and Dr. Bat-Sheva Pener examined 76 women, 36 of whom had been diagnosed as anorexic or bulimic, 20 had no eating disorders but were overweight, 20 had no eating disorders and were considered normal weight. Each of the participants completed two standardized questionnaires for screening eating disorders and were then asked to withdraw. Besides asked to draw themselves, were no requirements or restrictions on the drawing.Approved for treatment of heroine and prescription opiates analgesic abuse 2002, Bureau -based buprenorphine holding promise launching new patients to treating. Increase Whereas of heroin and prescription opiates pain killer abuse has throughout the years has no the availability of treatment increases by of the demand.