After SCI induction in mouse models.

– Taken together, our results show that the best method for transplanting NS / PCs into the injured spinal cord is place with intralesional, concludes Dr. Nakamura. Toyama. It is interesting that this study observed the largest cell survival after neural stem cell transplantation directly into the lesion after spinal cord injury, said Dr. Paul Sanberg, co-editor-in-chief of Cell Transplantation and director of the University of South Florida Center of Excellence for Aging and Brain Repair.

The main authors of the study were Dr. Catherine de Martel and Dr. Martyn Plummer of the International Agency for Research on Cancer in Lyon, France. ,, director of IARC, said in a statement:.The results of this study be published in the January / February 2004 issue the Journal of Environmental Quality. Online subscribers may access the full article, non-subscribers to accessing the abstract, or pay a $ 10 Show – items fees and buying to a $ 25, 14-day site fitting:.

The method developed by those investigators is to very sensitive and may pick-up antibiotic in surface and ground water in parts per billion levels.