An autistic spectrum disorder.

Autism, an autistic spectrum disorder, is a developmental disability that impacts just how people communicate and connect to those around them. Related StoriesUCI scientists discover potential biomarker for diagnosing particular types of autismASF launches Autism Sisters Task to accelerate analysis into 'Feminine Protective Effect'Experts receive $13 million NIH grant to build up new stem cell-based assays for learning autismAs a guideline such disorders manifest themselves quite early in childhood and so are more prevalent in boys than young ladies.Camcorder in teddy bear catches carer thieving from sick elderly woman A carer captured on camera stealing from her ill and elderly client has been sentenced to half a year in prison after pleading guilty to two charges of theft. The incident has in some ways highlighted the vulnerability of seniors who rely on paid carers to provide for them. The thief was caught out by a cheap camera which was placed inside the optical eye of a teddy bear. The camera was positioned there by the 75 year old woman’s son and his daughter, who’s a forensic technology graduate, they required the action following complaints by older people woman that money appeared to be missing from her purse at her home in Liverpool.