And roughly 50 % survive it.

Cancer, the avoidable epidemic Cancer strikes every other man and every single third female in the United States, and roughly 50 % survive it . The cure, we are informed by the mainstream mass media and doctors, is under way, but prevention is nearly completely proofed already. Who knew? How will you take certain measures to protect your cells, your DNA, and protect your body from the silent killer which has a thousand causes ‘they’ won’t inform you of? First, study this list of six steps that maintain your cells from mutating and degenerating, thus keeping them from multiplying uncontrollably. If you want the trick to the 9th ill-wonder of the global world, and unless you want your life to be ‘driven by suffering,’ have a close look at the six-step plan for guarding your daily life from the ‘c’ phrase: 1.

Cancer responsible for 40 percent of most premature deaths Cancer is in charge of killing 40 percent of all the women and men who die prematurely between your age range of 25 and 74 in the UK – according to a new analysis of the numbers released today by Cancer Research UK. This implies cancer causes even more untimely deaths than any other disease including cardiovascular system disease, aIDS and stroke along with traffic accidents, suicide and murder. But there is very good news too. Despite the rise in the amount of people developing cancer, death rates from the condition have fallen over the last forty years dramatically. And there are more people surviving cancer than ever before thanks to new study finding better remedies.