Answer: When is an abnormal allergic sensitivity.

Answer: When is an abnormal allergic sensitivity. Are allergic to stings means that someone has raised awareness, which means they have an allergic antibody in their system that abnormally abnormally to a sting can develop. Are allergic to stings is an abnormal response.

Q: What exactly does it mean that they are allergic to an insect bite?An allergic reaction, which means an extreme allergic reaction. And there are extremely large swellings that occur that can even include the entire arm or leg. And there are internal allergic reactions such as throat swelling, shortness of breath or dizziness or unconsciousness.The risk that 9-14 days after the attacks its participation in a web-based survey that asked her about their acute stress reaction, such as anxiety, Emotions the detachment from the world and / or self and reliving of incident. They were all re-measured each year on the following three years. – triple years after the attacks increase the participants who was diagnosed with cardiac conditions, 5 percent 21, the researchers Write a, ‘Acute stress responses on which 9/11 attacks were by 53 % 53 % incidence of of heart circulatory diseases linked in the three subsequent years, also adjusted by pre-9/11 cardiovascular and mental health the degree of exposure to attack, of cardiovascular risk factors , the physical physical health disorders, somatization and demographics ‘..