As clock runs straight down.

As clock runs straight down, ‘fiscal cliff’ negotiations stall Early as today Speaker John Boehner pledged to bring his alternative option to a House vote as . Meanwhile, the presssing problem of savings in the Medicare program continue to be examined. The New York Moments: Obama And Boehner Diverge Sharply On Fiscal Program Hopes for a wide deficit-reduction agreement faded on Wednesday as President Obama insisted he previously offered Republicans ‘a fair deal’ while Speaker John A. Boehner relocated for a residence vote as soon as Thursday on a scaled-down intend to limit tax increases to annual incomes of $1 million and up, despite Senate opposition and Mr.

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Federal government has to rent debts from the private company known as the Federal government Reserve, and the way the drug companies are bankrupting cities, claims and federal programs, you really have to issue the motives of a new law that could further worsen both debt and health issues now tearing our country apart. Why would members of Congress pass a health care ‘reform’ bill that provided no reform and no health? Why would the National government be involved in under-the-table, behind-closed-doors deals with the drug companies merely to make sure they continue being in a position to charge monopoly charges for their dangerous medications? Why would the IRS right now become invoked to enforce this medical racket? The answer can only just be that at the top of government somewhere, someone is working to destroy America.