As the 2004 Presidential election nears.

Prentice, ‘Will we follow a route which allows creation of human being existence for experiments, creating a caste program of lesser humans for scientific sacrifice? Or will we value every human life, especially the most vulnerable?’ Some U.N. Countries, including the Muslim bloc, have expressed the desire to delay a decision on the global ban, until after the U.S. Elections. Their hope is normally that if elected, Sen. Kerry, who’s on record helping individual cloning for study, will tip the balance at the U.N. And eliminate the United States as a robust force against individual cloning..Kaiser Family Foundation. Copyright 2009 Advisory Board Kaiser and Company Family Foundation. All rights reserved.

CLASS implementation oversight listed in HHS work plan But GOP lawmakers would like an actuarial statement from the Department of Health and Human Solutions that may offer insights into this controversial long-term care insurance program’s fiscal viability. Politico Pro: HHS Function Plan Includes CLASS Oversight The HHS Office of Inspector General provides listed several ACA investigations within its planned oversight for fiscal 2012, including the execution of the CLASS Take action and the usage of federal money from the Prevention and Public Health Fund.