Based on a prototype produced by the National Physical Laboratory.

The BQM-50 can measure laser beams quickly and effectively – simply as you can zoom in and out in milliseconds on your phone video camera.’ David Robinson, Managing Director of Arden Photonics stated: ‘By partnering with NPL and taking the BQM-50 into production, we can offer customers a more flexible and usable solution, at less expensive than other products on the market. This will have an enormous implications for the measurement of beams found in a wide range of applications, from laser eye surgery to measuring car doorways on a production range.The make use of of modern tools during games, such as for example freeze frame television and frame by framework analysis can be advisable to limit these errors, he concludes. Contact: Francisco Belda Maruenda, Specialist in Family members Medication , Centro de Salud de Alquerias, Murcia, Spain Tel : +34 646 598 448 Email:.

Biomedical researchers convert microbubble technology into nanoparticles successfully Biomedical researchers led by Dr. Gang Zheng at Princess Margaret Cancer Center have effectively converted microbubble technology currently found in diagnostic imaging into nanoparticles that stay trapped in tumours to possibly deliver targeted, therapeutic payloads. The discovery, published online today in Character Nanotechnology, information how Dr.