Branch duct IPMN develops slowly and has a relatively good prognosis.

In general,for intraductal papillary Mucinous tumorsintraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm of the pancreas shows a wide spectrum of histological presentations of adenoma with mild atypia to adenocarcinoma. In general, branch duct IPMN develops slowly and has a relatively good prognosis. Several studies showed that IPMN is a disease that very frequently coexists with cancer. Several researchers have suggested that the prognosis of the IPMN is more related to coexisting diseases than IPMN per se.

Reference: Ikeuchi N, Sofuni A, Itokawa F, Tsuchiya T, Kurihara T, Ishii K, Tsuji S, Umeda J, Moriyasu F, Tsuchida A, Kasuya K. Prognosis of cancer with branch duct type IPMN of the pancreas. Grant To Translational Research Center For PCOS Support The Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine has a competitive grant of nearly $ 6,000 received from the National Institutes of Health National Institute on Child Health & Human Development polycystic ovary syndrome, a disease to examine of the endocrine system , which is not less than 5 million women affected.All Rights Reserved part.. Prolong life announces approval of GSK drug Hycamtin To Cervical Cancer TreatmentFDA announced report reported admitting GlaxoSmithKline ‘s drug Hycamtin designed for use in combined with cisplatin-based chemotherapy to late-stage cervical cancer, to AP / Washington Post treat. Hycamtin is the first drug that are authorized persistent, irremediable or repetitive cervical cancer in women, for radiation and surgical treat only then successful. In 1996 to in 1996 to ovarian cancer and in 1998 was approved non-small cell non-small cell lung cancer .