Cancer Risks and Health Cancer may be the second major reason behind death in the usa.

When lung cancers begins, there could be no symptoms at all. Normally it takes years for the tumor to progress before any nagging complications are noticed. Risk elements for developing lung cancer include being and smoking cigarettes subjected to secondhand smoke, family history and exposure to radon gas. The easiest method to prevent lung malignancy is to either give up smoking, avoid secondhand smoke cigarettes and check the radon levels in your house. Colon cancer Colon cancer is the second major reason behind cancer loss of life in the United States.Kozak, M.D. Kozak and Taghian are radiation oncologists at Massachusetts General Medical center in Boston. And.

Authors redefine aging while any change within an organism over time Voyager Pharmaceutical have announced the publication of a paper co-authored by its chief scientist, Richard Bowen, M.D., and Craig Atwood, Ph.D., analysis director of the University of Wisconsin Memory space Research System and the Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Institute. In the paper, ‘Living and Dying for Sex: A Theory of Maturing In line with the Modulation of Cell Routine Signaling by Reproductive Hormones,’ released in the August problem of the journal, Gerontology , the authors provide both a fresh definition and a fresh theory of ageing.