CDC: Lyme disease rates 10 times greater than once thought AtlantaLyme disease strikes about 300.

The new study didn’t find anything to recommend the disease is more geographically widespread, said Mead. To prevent against Lyme disease and additional tickborne illnesses like babesiosis, rocky and rickettsiosis Mountain Spotted Fever, the CDC urges visitors to put on insect repellant, check themselves daily for ticks and shower soon after being outdoors. If a tick is available by you, use a fine-tipped tweezers to grasp it as near to the skin’s surface as possible. Pull with steady upward, even pressure as to not twist or jerk the insect therefore parts don’t break off and stay in the skin. After getting rid of the tick, thoroughly clean the bite with rubbing alcoholic beverages, an iodine scrub or soap and water.Artificial pancreas outperforms insulin pump in diabetes camp By Sally Robertson, medwireNews Reporter An artificial pancreas program proved more effective at controlling nocturnal glucose levels when compared to a sensor-augmented insulin pump, in a report of children with Type 1 diabetes treated outside the hospital environment in a diabetes camp, report researchers. During the scholarly research, carried out at three diabetes youth camps in Israel, Slovenia, and Germany, usage of the MD-Logic Artificial Pancreas system resulted in less nocturnal hypoglycemia and tighter nocturnal glucose control than usage of a sensor-augmented pump program, record Moshe Phillip and colleagues.