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ContinueTruth and Consequences Many kids feel tempted to cheat once in a while. Many resist and do the work instead. Some young kids cheat once and feel so bad that they never do it again. Others get caught and decide it isn’t worthwhile. Unfortunately, some kids begin cheating and feel like they can’t stop. Kids who cheat might feel worried about getting caught. Whether they are captured or not, these children may feel guilty, or embarrassed, or ashamed — or all three. Actually if the cheater feels fine or doesn’t get captured, it doesn’t mean it’s OK.‘A lot of things in a person's life change when they become disabled; nevertheless, having a disability shouldn't end someone from enjoying a complete and active life that includes sports and other activities,’ said Expenses Smith, president and general supervisor of Anthem Existence. ‘We have become committed to helping people with disabilities get back to health, back to work and back to life. Sponsoring occasions such as this ski event assists us reinforce our philosophy with people who’ve given so much to the country.’ When someone is first faced with the reality of a disability, they can lose self-confidence in themselves, become depressed and believe their lives possess ended.