Chemical engineers design way to manufacture peptides in only hours Small protein fragments.

They're found in therapeutics, they're found in hydrogels, and they're used to control drug delivery. They'lso are used as biological probes to picture cancer and to study procedures inside cells,’ Pentelute says. ‘Because you can obtain these really fast right now, you can start to do things you couldn't do before.’ The lead author of the paper can be Mark Simon, a graduate pupil in Pentelute's lab. Various other authors consist of Klavs Jensen, head of MIT's Department of Chemical Engineering, and Andrea Adamo, a extensive study associate in chemical substance engineering. Accelerated making Therapeutic peptides usually contain a chain of 30 to 40 amino acids, the inspiration of proteins. Many universities, including MIT, have facilities to manufacture these peptides, but the process often takes two to six weeks, using machines developed about 20 years ago.It’s called structured crime.

Alzheimer’s disease may damage brain Alzheimer’s disease has long been studied primarily as an illness of neurons. But experts have now shown the way the disease may be damaging the mind by choking off blood circulation. Such activity could take off blood flow to neurons, suffocating them over time. A drug that interferes with that process could reduce the memory loss and dementia that will be the most wrenching consequences of the condition, the findings recommend.