Cigarette taxes hike hot issue on Calif.

That raises serious questions about cigarettes and the real way the state government spends its money. Supporters say it would save lives and prevent children from getting addicted by discouraging smoking cigarettes. However the tax hike plan has tobacco businesses fuming. California is a national innovator in laws limiting cigarette smoking in public places and even inside apartments. But the ‘No on Prop 29’ campaign has switched the vote right into a squeaker by spending a lot more than $40 million, the majority of it from tobacco companies Philip R and Morris.J. Reynolds. ‘They’ve run a fairly good campaign,’ says Mark DiCamillo, director of the California Field Poll. ‘The question is: Will they force that number below 50 %? I don’t know.’ Cigarette companies explain the $735 million elevated would go to cancer research, never to help fix California’s budget problems.‘We are very happy to present the multicord sBLA submitting to the FDA before schedule, specifically given the approximated high prevalence of multiple cords among sufferers experiencing Dupuytren's contracture,’ said Adrian Adams, CEO and President of Auxilium. ‘That is a significant milestone for Auxilium and, importantly, for patients, once we think that a potential label growth would provide a nonsurgical option for dealing with multiple cords during one workplace process.’ The sBLA, seeking growth of the labeling for the concurrent treatment of multiple palpable cords, is founded on positive outcomes from a worldwide, multicenter Stage 3b trial, as well as data from the Organization's earlier MULTICORD research ..