FastFacts1) experts about a possible H5N1 pandemic influenza affected.

###FastFacts1) experts about a possible H5N1 pandemic influenza affected. From mid-June 60 % of the more than 380 human cases are fatal, and half a million birds have died or been killed the the spread of the disease. Should the virus to develop human-to-human transmission makes it more likely, a destructive a destructive global influenza pandemic. 2) Enter a booster vaccine using a virus strain of the recent previously was with an older strain is more effective than with the last vaccination strain vaccinated. Particularly relevant is the fact that the primer and booster vaccines various strains of the various strains of the virus, and yet were effective.

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MVI, the WHO and the U.S. Agency for International Development designed which MVI ruling frame assist countries to take decisions regarding adoption in future of a malaria vaccine and thereby unnecessary delays among to the recommendation for using of a vaccine and its availability into low-income countries. Stationary card and MVI are already working malaria-affected countries and international bodies to guarantee, if successful, a malaria vaccine be available and affordable to those who need it the most.