Fixed health reforms.

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‘But ‘it would not control rising costs, ‘Relman added that ‘Medicare costs are almost as fast as increased from the private sector ‘. ‘promoting economic incentives to overuse of expensive medical technology, even if it is of unproven or marginal utility ‘Relman Relman concludes ‘. Fee-for-service payments for doctors, investor-owned facilities and a market ideology have to be replaced by salaried doctors in prepaid medical groups and non-profit ownership is a difficult issue , but do nothing less ‘(New York Times.. Letter to the Editor a Krugman ‘s column in the last month about health care reform is writes ‘half right, ‘Harvard Medical School Professor Emeritus Arnold Relman in a Times letter to the editor . Rising costs writes that he Krugman call for support for a ‘public, tax-supported insurance system, Medicare, to replace the hundreds of private high overhead insurance.Fixed health reforms, be annulment it The New York Times We are intransigent an advocate for the abolition of this dear false step. However Republican have to even the business case for reform agenda to provide take its place, and in this endeavors Buy now working.