In a study which will have wide-reaching applications.

Association between body size and the built environment Researchers at the Mailman School of Public Wellness are studying the hyperlink between your urban environment and how it might contribute to the cause or origins of obesity get more information more info . In a study which will have wide-reaching applications, the Mailman College is one of 14 groups across the USA to receive funding from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences to study the association between body size and the constructed environment. Up until now, obesity research has focused on ways to change individual behavior but with obesity prices continuing to climb, experts are now turning their attempts to the built environment and the interventions that might be effective in fighting the epidemic.

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• No other information corporation that ran the AP story bothered to check on whether there was the best source or study to aid these data. They basically ran the AP story word-for-word, without bothering to fact-check an individual statement in the tale. The information actually goes back to an EPA paper published in 2009I did a little digging upon this – – a journalistic habit that i fully understand makes the people at AP incredibly angry, as nobody is supposed to really fact-examine the ‘Ministry of Truth’ on what it publishes. As it happens this story goes back to a proposed guideline from 2013 in which the EPA defined its desire to restrict wastewater pollution as revealed in a scientific statement issued in ’09 2009.