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Believe the researchers that obesity-induced hyperfiltration an important issue for further research, including the possibilities for treating deserves 50mg sildenafil . ‘Our studies are the light of future strategies to minimize the risk of kidney disease in prospective kidney donors with an unfavorable risk profile is important, ‘Rook concluded. ‘Furthermore follow-up of living kidney donors is justified both in the short and long term after kidney donation. The study abstract, ‘Higher body mass index is with Higher filtration fraction after living kidney donation Associated ‘is (SA – PO524 as part of as part of a poster session on ‘Microvascular Regulation In Vivo ‘on Saturday November November at 10:00 clock in the halls ‘m A / B / C of the San Diego Convention Center and also discussed during a news briefing on ‘Obesity and Kidney ‘on Friday, November beginning at 12:15 clock in room 12 of the San Diego Convention Center – the ASN is a not-for-profit organization 9500 physicians and scientists. I, devoted to the study of nephrology and are required. Provide a forum for the dissemination of information on the latest research and clinical findings on kidney diseases ASN Renal Week 2006, the largest nephrology meeting of its kind, will provide a forum for 10,000 nephrologists to discuss the latest findings in renal research and engage in educational sessions about advances in the treatment of patients with kidney and related disorders from November 14 to 19 the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego.

Found in earlier studies, employees of Dr. Rook research group that obesity predicts related hyperfiltration increased rates of kidney damage and transplant loss and an increased risk of premature death in kidney transplant recipients, the new results suggest. That higher filtration pressure in overweight or obese living kidney donors donor donor ‘s own long-term risks of donation.

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