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Sir Michael believes that the arguments about the relative importance of different types of evidence are an unnecessary distraction. Instead instead is for for investigators methods methods, for decision-makers to avoid adopting entrenched positions about the nature of the evidence, and accepting both, NICE interpretation of the evidence must be taken. .

– Generalizability – RCTs are often specific types of patients carried out for a relatively short time, whereas in clinical practice, the treatment can be used on a much wider variety of patients – are often suffer from other medical conditions – and for much longer. There is a presumption that in general, the benefits shown in an RCT to a broad population can be extrapolated, but there is ample evidence that the harmfulness of an intervention often missed in RCTs. Sir Michael argues, – -es are useful and with care in interpreting the results can be an important source of knowledge about both the benefits and harms of therapeutic interventions.And was the rate of major adverse cardiac events first nine months 8.7 percent in the combo group and 11.0 percent in the of paclitaxel set. Both groups had 0 percent stent thromboses the first nine months. Effectively controls in this first-in – man study to dual therapy stent neointimal proliferation, said lead investigator Michael Haude, Haude be Professor of Medicine of Lukas Hospital in Neuss in Germany. It was overall a low rate of clinical events in both study groups, eluting stent, no stent thrombosis and in-stent late loss and of the binary restenosis rates are correspondingly low and comparable to the paclitaxel – eluting stent, the dual. A stent therapy has been shown be safe and effective wrote, as well as non inferiority of the paclitaxel – eluting stents, Haude..