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Precautions : Women shouldn’t use the NuvaRing if they :Have a brief history of either: coronary attack, stroke, blood clots within their legs , lungs , eye, or DVT .Are allergic to the the different parts of the NuvaRingHave heart valve or heart rhythm disordersHave a liver tumorSuffer from high blood pressureEssential Protection Information : Cigarette cigarette smoking improves the opportunity of serious heart adverse reactions by using mixture oral contraceptive methods. This danger improves even more if you are over age 35 and if you smoking 15 or even more cigarettes a day time. Women who use blend hormonal birth control methods, including NuvaRing, are smart not to smoking. Benefits : Using the vaginal ring is safe, basic, and convenient.The Associated Press: A Respite For Medicare; Social Protection No Worse Medicare's long-term health is starting to look a little better, friday the government said, but both Social Security and Medicare are still wobbling toward insolvency within two decades if Congress and the president don't find a real method to shore up the trust funds established to take care of older Americans. Medicare's giant fund for inpatient care shall be exhausted in 2026, 2 yrs later than estimated last year, while Social Security's projected insolvency in 2033 remains unchanged, the government reported .