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The number of discharges of homes fell to 21.2 percent, the mean of the albumin level was 2.4) g / dl before feeding and 2.6) g / dL at 6 months. Among patients with AP before PEG tube feeding 51.6 percent relapse recurrence AP. Conversely occurred AP. In 9.4 percent of patients without AP before feeding 66 :418-22 ( survival rate was 27 months for the use of PEG tube than with the use of a nasogastric tube. PEG tube feeding in patients with dementia leads to maintenance of the status for a few years. Compared with NG tube feeding, PEG tube feeding did not induce AP due to impairment of the swallowing function and was intact a higher a higher survival rate of about 2 years.

If the mastitis is not better, you should see your doctor again. What are the complications of mastitis?Recurrence – women who are mastitis mastitis again, compared to other women. In rare cases, return is due to late or inadequate treatment.Official language of the course is English. For a detailed program page Show.

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