Life Systems announce European start of BCR/ABL1 Quant Test Asuragen.

The resulting BCR/ABL1 fusion transcripts can be found in around 95 percent of CML. If present, the expression degree of the fusion transcript or its ratio to a reference transcript enable you to monitor disease improvement. Asuragen and Life Technology have programs to pursue long term regulatory clearance for a BCR/ABL1 Quant check in the usa.. Asuragen, Life Systems announce European start of BCR/ABL1 Quant Test Asuragen, Inc. The check monitors the BCR-ABL1 to ABL1 ratio by invert transcription quantitative polymerase chain response on whole bloodstream or bone marrow of diagnosed Philadelphia chromosome positive persistent myeloid leukemia sufferers expressing b2a2, b3a2 or e1a2 fusion transcripts. The test is supposed as an assist in the evaluation of full cytogenetic response , main molecular response , minimal residual relapse and disease in CML patients.Some doctors might avoid chemotherapy and radiation if a benefit in survival is definitely uncertain. However, without proof, I believe it really is a disservice to these patients if we get rid of radiation and chemotherapy, says radiation oncologist Joseph Herman, M.D., who led the study. Herman and his group sought to put the issue to rest by reviewing information of 616 Johns Hopkins sufferers whose pancreatic cancers had been surgically taken out between Aug. 30, 1993, and Feb. 28, 2005. The researchers compared the survival of 345 of the patients who had only surgery with 271 who had been then treated with 5-fluorouracil -centered chemotherapy agents and modern types of radiation.