Livers and additional organs have done in the past.

Children’s hand transplant plan launched in Boston Boston Children’s Medical center is starting the world’s first hand transplant system for children, and doctors say it will not be long until face transplants and other radical operations to improve appearance and quality of life are offered to kids, too journal médical . The move shows the growing willingness to do transplants to enhance a patient’s life rather than to save it as donated hearts, livers and additional organs have done in the past. A lot more than 70 hands and at least 20 faces have been transplanted in adults, and doctors state it’s apparent these operations are safe enough to provide to children using cases, too.

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Children with ADHD much more likely to become obese and sedentary teenagers, says study Children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder will become obese and sedentary teens, according to new analysis. Previous research have suggested a link between ADHD and obesity, but whether one leads to the additional is unclear. One method to better understand the hyperlink is to follow children to adolescence. The new study, which followed almost 7000 children in Finland, discovered that those who acquired ADHD symptoms at age group eight had significantly higher odds of being obese at age 16. Children who experienced ADHD symptoms had been also less physically active as teenagers.