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She is also director of the UCSF Radiology Outcomes Research Lab and part of the breast oncology program of the UCSF Comprehensive Cancer Center.. The minimum number of mammograms a U.S. Physician can read and still be qualified under FDA regulations is 960 within a period of two years, or about 10 mammograms per week, physicians Standards Act after 1992. Raising the annual volume requirements in the Act might improve the overall quality of mammography screening in the U.S., said lead investigator Rebecca Smith Bindman, UCSF associate professor of radiology, epidemiology / biostatistics and Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences.Fostering promoting preparedness and treatment of chronic conditions by better use of of prescription drugs.. The following statement by Bruce T. Roberts, EVP and CEO of the National Community The Pharmacists Association has been released in response to of President Barack Obama address to Congress: – ‘President of yesterday evening last night one that on offer ideas, inspiration and hope for the American people, His dedication to the health system that focuses on America patients critically we feel that may be Apotheker to this objective to this goal, because we are.