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It is applicable to both women and men. This type of alopecia is widely within all ages however, not common in this condition usually affects only 1 family member. WHAT EXACTLY ARE the Symptoms? In case of cicatricial alopecia hair thinning happens quickly and there is normally itching, discomfort and burning .In various other cases, hair loss occurs gradually. Diagnosis: Scalp biopsy may be the most effective way to diagnose the types of alopecia and degree of hair loss. A hair loss specialist can get a detailed understanding of patient’s condition of scalp through numerous hair thinning evaluation and hair thinning prediction lab tests and their report. Scalp biopsy evaluates a number of factors to come to a decision such as for example, how much inflammation will there be, the condition of the essential oil glands, a test of the stem cell progenitor cells which are responsible for hair loss.