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The analysis authors conclude that ‘hospitalization of children with small head trauma after normal CT scan outcomes for neurologic observation is generally unnecessary.’ ‘Among the goals in the evaluation of kids with minor head trauma is to try to avoid CT scan use, when possible. If you execute a CT scan and the scan is negative, and the child is well, then for goodness sakes let the child go home,’ said study senior writer Nathan Kuppermann, professor of pediatrics and emergency medication and seat of the Section of Emergency Medicine in the UC Davis School of Medication. ‘Admitting these kids after normal CT scans is costly, causes them to invest time away from their own families and loved types, and exposes them to additional health risks potentially, such as hospital-borne infections,’ Kuppermann said.Hemingway Hall, cEO and president of HEALTHCARE Service Corp., elected to table of directors Released the Specialty Pharmacy Alliance, a new suite of services that makes it easier for community pharmacies to boost their patients' access to, and compliance with, specialty medicines Launched service for retail pharmacies to give their customers convenient access to a lot more than 40,000 house medical products through AssuraMed's Independence Medical Announced strategic alignment with FedEx to provide healthcare third-party logistics solutions CONFERENCE CALL Cardinal Wellness will web host a webcast and conference call today at 8:30 a.m.