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I am former Peace Corps Volunteer/Cornell Ag. Grad. – Henry Brownish () In another comment, somebody named Michael Katz talks about how Monsanto must indoctrinate children with pro-GMO attitudes by influencing the schools. All the typos are his, by the way, not mine: It is amazing to me that so many apparantly intelligent people, including close friends of mine, harbor superstitious views of bio-tech and altered foods and plants genetically. They fail to understand that water and arable land items are finite and that world population is not. I’d also foward these articles to high schoolers and their teachers. The arguement for bio-tech will likely be a long one and we should include shiny youngsters and their teachers inside our battle. – Michael E.Their work is advancing life-saving treatments for patients all over the world and is normally a testament to the outstanding work of the Center Institute. The analysis was the first to present that stem cell therapy can fix damage to the heart muscles caused by a heart attack. Currently, a fresh, multicenter stem cell medical trial called ALLSTAR is definitely measuring the potency of donor center stem cells in dealing with heart attack patients. He earned his bachelor's level in mathematics from Wilkes University in Pennsylvania, and then attended the Yale University College of Medicine in a combined MD/PhD plan.