Previous estimates of fatty liver disease in U.

Children usually do not undergo liver tissue sampling, so until now, doctors and researchers had no real data about fatty liver. Nobody knew his actual occurrence. The spread of the disease to study swimmers said an autopsy study design was the only means the group had to assess NAFLD in the general population. The group decided to autopsy reports in San Diego County because of its size as the fourth largest county in the United States and its major racial and ethnic diversity study. The racial and ethnic composition of the children studied closely emulate the founder of San Diego County as children by the U.S.

The group believes that genetics play a major role in the development of fatty liver disease. They are currently studying genes and dietary factors to to disease development and progression. Knowledge of the risk factors should help doctors to better understand why some children the disease, develop knowledge that could lead targeted therapies.The BMA believes to taking place a comprehensive and open debate on changes changes in that complex and sensitive area are made. In addition, if presumed consent is accepted, it is important that perform a high-profile advertising campaign before presumed consent in force, such that the patient have re complete about their rights under the new system.