Reveal the total outcomes of a Cancer Study UK phase I trial posted in Clinical Cancer Research.

Hodgkin’s lymphoma is the third most common cancers in the united kingdom in people aged 15-29 but also occurs in older people. More than 300 people passed away from the disease in the UK in 2007. Dr Christopher McNamara, consultant haematologist at the Royal Free Hospital, said: ‘Hodgkin’s lymphoma can be radiosensitive and CHT25 delivers radiation in small doses to the tumour while avoiding harm to healthy tissue which results in a better response and fewer side effects.’ ‘That is a very different method of delivering radiotherapy – typically Hodgkin’s lymphoma patients receive external beam radiotherapy and this drug is shipped intravenously targeting the drug right to the lymphoma.’ Lara Smrtnik, 30, from Swansea, was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2007 and underwent weeks of chemotherapy treatment.Cequent is moving ahead with preclinical development of tkRNAi products targeting immunological genes implicated in the pathology of IBD. Mr. Parker continued, We have now entered a fresh phase in the business’s lifecycle; we’ve transitioned from research to spotlight our clinical programs, a lot of which we will pursue with contract resources. As such, we have promoted Alison Silva to the new position of vice president of drug development, overseeing all medical development and regulatory affairs for the company. Co-inventor of the tkRNAi technology, Johannes Fruehauf, M.D., will support the forthcoming scientific trial through a consultancy set up as vice president of medical affairs. .

Brazil pulls ‘happy prostitute’ anti-AIDS campaign SAO PAOLOBrazil’s wellness ministry has removed a internet site proclaiming ‘We am happy being truly a prostitute.’ The message was targeted at reducing the AIDS-related stigma experienced by prostitutes in order to encourage them to obtain treated for sexually-transmitted infections , nonetheless it was dropped from the ministry’s website Tuesday.