Rudin research group focuses on novel cancer therapy development.

2011 Raymond and Beverly Sackler AACR Fellowships for ileal carcinoid Research: These two-year grants of $ 100,000 supports basic, translational, clinical or epidemiological research with direct application and relevance to ileal carcinoid tumors. Yanping Li, research assistant, Vollum Institute and the Knight Cancer Institute, Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, Oregon.. Rudin research group focuses on novel cancer therapy development. One the therapeutic approaches they are most interested in, have the use of a small RNA virus that selectively infect selectively infect and destroy certain cancers, especially cancers with neuroendocrine features.

Ter-Minassian project, Molecular markers of outcome in ileal carcinoid and other NET is focused on the discovery and characterization of the molecular and genetic factors that tumor ileal carcinoid neuroendocrine patient survival. It aims, first, the prognostic significance of traditional factors, including serum biomarkers chromogranin A and alkaline phosphatase in a large, prospective cohort study. They will then identify common inherited genetic variants associated with survival and explore potential associations between these genetic variants and treatment outcomes in metastatic patients therapeutic agents therapeutic agents..The Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene took the inquiry on 7th Athletes, families, coaches and those who was on the other venue are kindly requested to participate in an secure online topic. You can access the topic of trainers from coaches. Please remove password for access of your club coach, please contact not available, you should contact the address listed below.