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Chelsea reports top-series data from Stage III NORTHERA extension research in NOH Patients Continue to Record Statistically Significant 2 news .8 Unit Improvement in OHQ Composite Scores Following 12 Months of Open Label Treatment With Northera Parkinson’s Disease Individuals Maintain 50 percent Improvement in Signs and Symptoms of Neurogenic Orthostatic Hypotension After One Year of Treatment With Northera Sufferers Treated With Northera Consistently Demonstrated Greater Than 12 mmHg Improvement in Standing Systolic BLOOD CIRCULATION PRESSURE After One-12 months Treatment Period Chelsea Therapeutics International, Ltd. Preliminary, top-line results demonstrate Northera provides clinically meaningful and durable symptomatic improvements in patients with NOH within a one-calendar year observation period.


Furthermore to preventing the usage of these chemical substances against the Syrian people, it's important for U.S. Intelligence to know who has control of the chemicals and stop them from falling in to the wrong hands creating a potential threat to the U.S., Garza said. When a chemical weapon is used in america, the important factors are mitigating the attack such as using detection technology in high danger, densely populated areas and teaching people to respond in such an event also, he said. The problem with a chemical attack is that there is little to no notice that the strike is taking place. The first indication of the strike is people falling sick Usually, so it is extremely important to ensure the 1st responders are well qualified and equipped to handle these circumstances.