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In 2006.s miss at risk for cardiovascular disease Treatment, Australiaare many general practice patients with a high risk of cardiovascular events adequate medical treatment, according to the results of a study Medical Journal of Australia Medical Journal of Australia. Ruth Webster, The George Institute for International Health, and her co – authors analyzed data from 2,618 adult patients who presented to GPs for five weeks in 2006.

The Medical Journal of Australia is a publication of the Australian Medical Association .Prevention, treatment , both important in the fight against HIV / AIDS, says Brazilian official UN Population Meetingprevention and treatment efforts are important in the fight against HIV / AIDS, Paulo Teixeira, Senior Consultant for Brazil’s National STD / AIDS Programme of the State Ministry for Health said on Thursday at a one-week, annual meeting of the. United Nations Commission on Population and Development in New York, the UN News Service reports . Based on this international experience, today there is no evidence that moral recommendations, said, adding abstinence and fidelity, no effect that could prevent infection and control the epidemic, he said, adding: We recognize that the promotion of safer sex with serious cultural, ethical and religious issues, but we can give them not be be an obstacle to the prevention.Using Siemens the Biograph mMR bring the first molecular MR system for clinical research that incorporates MR compact, specializes PET detectors. The biographer of MMR – inclusion Tim, of Total imaging matrix technology from Siemens it may even quicker and easier Clinician for performing the MR exam.. Partner in the research:This study was approved by the EU project in the 6th Framework Programme.

Full body Imaging – Integrated Whole-body molecular weight MR system for the clinical application testing.

A technical revolutionTo date it was virtually impossible to incorporate MR and PE technology: which standard PET detectors which using photomultiplier, could not be in the strong magnetic field generate by an MR system.