Since Novac7 arrived in the United States of America.

.. Since Novac7 arrived in the United States of America , discovered Dr. Lavagnini only sister, her own diagnosis of breast cancer? She traveled from her home in Uruguay a second opinion from her brother to seek and in a twist of fate, last week became the first patient in the U.S. To receive IORT with the Novac7. – It is as if my life’s work to this day, said Dr. Lavagnini. I never expected my sister to be my patient, but I’m thankful that they among the many women of this technology, which the the treatment that our mother had received benefit many years ago.

Offered in the ‘s breast cancer patients hope in single dosetechnology never before available in the U.S., get the patient to a radiation dose during surgery, as the current average of six weeks enables against, has been successfully delivered to several breast cancer patients last week , including the sister the man responsible for the technology from Italy.Other objectives are to assist develop testing in Drug Discovery such the researchers can to determine which potential drug will be most conveniently in patients, and about find out whether the combination of both radiotherapy by drug treatment enhance results. The researchers are hoping also learn how to. Not only the desired medicine to Krebs cells, but also movement of the the movement of the drug inside these cells.

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Valdemar Debinski, an officially recognized medical – scientist who destroying a way damaging to malignant brain tumor cells not normal cells pioneers, Wake Forest Baptist did the last year to direct the Brain Tumor Centre of Excellence.