Synova Healthcare Group.

And the global rights to the Today Sponge , announced today, that Synova Pre-Natal Healthcare, Unlike a wholly owned subsidiary and development partners BioPad Ltd. Successfully completed the first series of antepartum fetal movement monitors for use in their first in-home study produced. The device has been a non-invasive a non-invasive means of monitoring fetal movement during the last trimester of pregnancy. Unlike ultrasonic devices, this means non-invasive fetal monitor Place either the pregnant mother or her fetus to radiant energy.. Synova Healthcare Group,Synova Healthcare Group, , only last week announced the acquisition of Allendale Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Clinical data supporting the value of antepartum fetal movement monitoring is both compelling and growing . Reduced fetal movement has a number of a variety of tragic and preventable results including stillbirth in combination. Reports fetal movement declining before the end of the fetal heart sounds and fetal death illustrate the value of fetal movement monitoring (3.The current study was developed by Wyeth to makes it Neratinib supporting. Wyeth participated in the study design and data analysis. 10:45-Abstract# 1004: Neratinib in combination with trastuzumab in the treatment of advanced breast cancer: A phase I / II study. Oral Presentation, June 10.45 – Level 2.