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Usually do not misconstrue my compassion as an endorsement of each action made by individuals who take part in the escalation of battle. Rather, my feeling of compassion is founded on the fundamental desire to get rid of human suffering, for all those humans we disagree with or desire to condemn even. In the event that you disagree with me upon this, you then are an enemy of the Red Cross, by the real way. The Crimson Cross was founded on the theory that victims of battle deserve humanitarian medical help, regardless of which part they’re fighting for.Then a mystical virus attacked his center, making a heart transplant necessary to save his life. He underwent long-term steroid treatment to prevent transplant rejection, which left him with an excruciating knee disorder known as osteonecrosis. Now 23 and nearing graduation from college, after enduring 15 surgeries for his center and knee, he’s finally been able to return to sports. Because of a new surgical technique used on Vasser’s left knee known as ‘cellular grafting,’ the 23-year-old is out cycling and refereeing soccer games on a practically pain-free knee.