This occurs due to an underlying medical condition.

Chronic Insomnia could be marked by many symptoms. Some of these symptoms include restlessness, anxiety, discomfort, sluggishness during daytime as whole night you been keeping awake. The cause of insomnia could be many ranging from physical to psychiatric circumstances. It might be caused due to drug abuse, chronic medical condition like hypertension, restless legs syndrome etc. The psychiatric conditions however can include depression, sleep apnea, anxiety disorder and many others.This group applied for tax-exempt 501 status in December 2009. This particular position would exempt the group from corporate taxes but donations to the business wouldn’t normally be tax deductible. Their application is still pending, NRO reported, and the group received a letter from the IRS promising its status was ‘currently being reviewed’ just one single month ago, in April. – – Linchpins of Liberty. This Tennessee-based, in January 2011 conservative-leadership development group initially requested IRS tax-exempt status. It’s now been nearly two-and-a-half years and their application is still pending as well, NRO stated. . [T]he IRS delivered its latest dilatory letter on, may 6 of the year, four days prior to the agency admitted its political targeting and a full year following the White House claimed the activity had ceased, the publication reported.