This system precisely targets rays to the region of concern also.

In the West Virginia study , researchers randomly called primary treatment physicians’ offices seeking tips for hypothetical stroke or coronary attack symptoms. About 40 receptionists were asked to choose one of four responses to the scenario: wait to find if symptoms disappear completely, schedule an office appointment that day afterwards, schedule an appointment within two times, or call 9-1-1. The receptionists were alert to coronary attack symptoms and advised a crisis 9-1-1 call for heart attack scenarios correctly.The test later this year includes approximately 12 queries about HIV/AIDS. The ministry receives about 2,000 applications for licenses regular monthly, Keo Savin of the Property Transport Department said, adding there are 1.14 million registered cars and motorbikes and 405,00 registered motorists in Cambodia. The task receives support from the Asian Development Bank. Regarding to Ung Chun Hour, the ministry’s director-general of transport, the ministry is collaborating with the National Helps Authority at the Ministry of Health to finalize the questions.