TIME Partner For Brain Series Can new brain cells be made?

The Early Show National Correspondent Tracy Smith adopted up on the whole tale of Sarah Scantlin, a woman who was simply in a vegetative state for 20 years and then miraculously begun to speak in 2005. While she was struggling to speak or move her limbs during those two decades voluntarily, doctors at this point believe she might have heard what was heading on around her actually. CBS Evening Information Technology Correspondent Daniel Sieberg explained how new cutting-advantage technology is allowing blind people to ‘see’ using their tongues. CBS News correspondent Richard Roth uncovered the most recent details from a continuing study on how babies make sense of the globe around them in a report on The Early Show.Parents and teachers agreed these behaviour complications had a considerable effect on home and school existence for 23 percent of the pre-term group. .

Carotid artery stenting effective and safe in older adults Researchers at Thomas Jefferson University Medical center in Philadelphia and a multicenter group of investigators have found that carotid artery stenting is safe and effective in patients age 70 and older. Their study showed that while the instance of adverse events boosts with age group in this high-risk population, compared to historical data, the chance remains extremely low, at 6 %, also in those ages 85 and up.