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We within two patient within two millimeters precision, which maximizes radiation directly into the tumor. .. ExacTrac enables us to deliver on the treatment of some previously irradiated sites without damaging critical structures like the spinal cord, said Dr. This enhances our ability to some inoperable tumors and cancers to treat the spread from primary sites. Scarring significantly reduced with this new modality because it ‘s top-of-the-line target capability – low-dose radiation from many directions that delivers the same aim, to converge high dose high dose, says Thomas Bilfinger, Professor of Surgery and Co-Director of the Lung Cancer evaluation Center. Less scars leads to less loss functioning tissue over time, which can be particularly advantageous for patients with lung cancer.

The treatment procedure with the ExacTrac system consists of four major steps: 1) An automated and image-guided patient positioning system, patient’s patient’s shape and location of the tumor, Stony Brook the very first patient set-up, 2) high-resolution radiographs localize internal tumor sites, reviewing the situation in six dimensions and calculating reference points for the delivery of radiation therapy, 3) a remote control system corrects every first patient set-up errors and 4) the system tracks any patient movement that may affect treatment during the entire session.Available for biochips are Cardiac Array, Ovarian Array, array of fruitfulness, Cerebral array, cytokines and adhesion array array of. And two Drugs of Abuse biochip arrays are on antimicrobials, growth promoters and synthetic steroid. Cancer biochip have monitoring tumors and tumors PPE arrays and to array RanplexCRC for colorectal cancer screening.

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