We keep high childhood vaccination in our state.

We keep high childhood vaccination in our state, but but with the perception that vaccination is a controversial subject fought, said Lydia McCoy, executive director of the Colorado Children’s Immunization Coalition. Now we understand parents immunization for their children, but they want to make informed decisions about their child’s health to make. This is good news for us because it provides an opportunity to answer questions and promote discussion of why the vaccination is a safe and effective way to from disease. .

Colorado rate for full immunization of the state for children 19-35 months old, ofnt, according to the latest report in 2008. By the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention The national average is 76.1 %.###Reference: Wu toilets, Kleine gut bacteria the overgrowth decreased little gut motility in the NASH rats. World J Gastroenterol 2008 January, 14 :313-317.