While folic acid was effective in preventing some of the rectal / anal stenosis / atresia.

Only multivitamins were the prevalence at birth of obstructive defects of the urinary tract the body to reduce defects and congenital pyloric stenosis, while folic acid was effective in preventing some of the rectal / anal stenosis / atresia , and high dose of folic acid was effect in preventing some orofacial clefts. He recommends daily use of multivitamin including 0.8 mg of folic acid for pregnant women to prevent neural tube defects and some other congenital abnormalities.

The first, whether the use of folic acid or folate containing multivitamins alone is better. The second is whether high dose of folic acid may be better than a daily multivitamin with 0.8 mg folic acid.David J the cancer-causing genes that of URI of researchers Revealed and regulated.

Of reactive oxygen species have long been recognized as harmful by-products of oxygen-based metabolism of was seen. However, it is now realized that ROS are produced when under growth under growth stimulation, and these in turn regulating other cellular events. Accumulation evidence indicates to ROS able straight regulated the function of the Src function of, and indirectly to control many cellular mechanisms. But like Src to this Regulation reacts unclear.

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