Whitehouse Station.

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Are You Best or Left Human brain Dominant? Research is certainly continually showing that making use of your brain in news ways aids in preventing dementia and Alzheimer’s. One way of knowing which parts of your brain can be used most is normally to take this basic test that presents you in case you are right or left mind dominant. Here are some general differences between people who are right mind and left brain dominant: Left Brain Functions * uses logic * details oriented * facts rule * terms and language * present and past * mathematics and technology * can comprehend * knowing * acknowledges * order/pattern perception * understands object name * truth based * forms strategies * practical * safe Right Brain Functions * uses feeling * ‘big picture’ oriented * imagination rules * symbols and pictures * present and future * philosophy & religion * can ‘get it’ * believes * appreciates * spatial perception * understands object function * fantasy centered * presents opportunities * impetuous * risk taking In order for us to have full usage of our full potential, we need to be able to access both relative sides of our brains.