With this new knowledge as a basis for a second study.

With this new knowledge as a basis for a second study, they studied 518 people in the United States and Italy. All had type – 2 diabetes. In addition, nearly half of these patients also had heart disease, such as cardiac catheterization shows more than 50 % blockage of at least one coronary shown. The others had no apparent heart disease.

In the first part of this study, the researchers mapped the structure of the CD36 gene of hundreds of of hundreds of nucleic acids strung together like beads on a spiral chain. They were for variants of this sequence, the search associated with an increased risk of heart disease.Over 85 % the study participants by RCC did tumors that has advanced despite minimum one prior systemic therapy, and all the patient been the illness at the admission to the study. That RCC the participants were part of a wider trial population comprising 484 patients treated with advanced refractory solid tumors of several species.